Things that make you go MMM!

Sorry it's been a bit quite on here of late, the past few months I have been focused on getting on top of a health issue and to be honest I really wasn't feeling up to being creative in any way.  It was all very sudden, but wasn't if you know what I mean as it took years of mistreating my body to get to that point where this issue reared its ugly head and then needed immediate attention to rectify .....I had to have surgery to bring things back to some state of order and check for the nasty C word. The Good News is they didn't find any cancer so now it's just a matter of taking steps to change my lifestyle and get my health back.......that could take a while.

Shaving Foam and Reinkers perfect for some messy fun!
I managed to get back into the creating spirit because I had an article due for Unruly PaperArts more than desire but at least its something. This month our MMM Issue......all things relating to the letter M that is and what better way to do it than having some marvelous and messy fun creating some Marbled Backgrounds with Shaving Foam.

I ended up splitting my planned article into two to cover another artist who had to pull out last minute so this week over on the blog you will see where I have created my Marbled Backgrounds and later this month I share how I then used this marbled backgrounds with a masking technique to create some other projects.

There is lots of other wonderful M projects and techniques being shared this month so be sure to pop over and take a look.


Clare Lloyd said...

Glad to hear u avoided the big C and hope u will feel better soon. Crafting is such great therapy enjoy! Take care. X

Lizzyc said...

Oh dear, it is good to hear you are on the mend..take care..

Lynn McAuley said...

Oh, Danie! I am glad that your surgery is behind you and there was no sigh of cancer. I will be praying that your recovery goes by quickly and you begin to feel a lot better. I know that Hug an Australian Day has passed but I am sending you a big one anyway!

I can't wait to see what you create with your colorful shaving cream!

Mary Ann Potter said...

I'm so glad you're better! The full manifestation of your wholeness is on its way!

The marbling idea is so creative. I used shaving cream the other day to take a makeup stain out of a t shirt; using it for art looks like a whole lot more fun!

JackieP Neal said...

Danie, so glad to hear that you are not going to have to deal with the nasty c. Life changes are hard but so much better than the alternative!1 Best wishes on this journey- and I'll be a cheerleader for you!
Thanks so much for your visit to my blog-you lit up my day!!
hugs, Jackie ")