Some More Art for Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Yesterday I gave myself permission to disappear for a few hours into my creative haven and simply create for the joy of it.......with nothing in mind other than I was going to use the soft powdery colors that are known as Pan Pastels.

I not only gave myself permission but my husband told me to go and do it too!  He is wonderful and so very supportive of my creativity.  My post yesterday showed one more abstract piece I created with the higher consciousness of our minds in mind, and my second piece which I am sharing today had a similar theme and color palette.  The colors of our Chakras.

Green is the color of the Heart Chakra and it is when we focus on Love, the giving and receiving of it that we will obtain a true state of 'all is good in the world' and be at peace within ourselves.  I love how the face (Andy Skinner Stencil) draws you in to this piece.

Just after completing this piece we had a big thunderstorm pass overhead, luckily the hail was carried with these storms elsewhere, but there is always something about the sultry colors and the beauty of a freshly drenched landscape that I love.  While glancing out the window I spotted a butterfly, and all of this inspired my piece below.

I have played with a few different stencils and blended lots of color into the background, before further layering of the leaf stencils and colors.  My butterfly is hand drawn.  I have called this one Take Flight. Which is what I plan to be doing in a creative sense over the coming year.

I hope you have found sometime to do the things you love this weekend!  And don't forget there is still time to link up with the Unruly PaperArts Inspire Your Heart with Art Day Event.

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Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Beautiful creations Danie, you can tell they were indeed created with heart.