Journal 52: Playing Catch Up

At the start of January I started following along with the weekly journal prompts with the wonderful group of creatives at Journal52.  I didn't get far before it all came to a screeching stop so as usual I am playing catch up.

I have a few of my latest pages to share so thought I would start with my latest which was for
Week 3: Conversations.

I actually was sopping up some excess paint from another project so used them with some stencils to create my background on a A4 Piece of Watercolor Paper.  I decided to scan this into my computer and then found this feather and quote which all were pertaining to a recent conversation I had had in regards to Angels and how they say "Angels are near when feathers appear".   It all goes back to having hope and something to believe in, and this quote I think was perfect to all of this and I love it because of it's bird analogy too.

Week 6:  Windows
Over the weekend while watching the 'Box Trolls' movie with the boys I decided to sit with them and play in my Watercolor Pad with my Inktense Pencils.  Thinking about Windows I started to think of Rapunzel and her throwing her hair out the window.

Week 2:  Just Be
I actually did complete a page for this prompt early in January which was me just being in the moment with my thoughts about a family situation and a particular person causing problems around that time. So that page isn't for sharing publicly.  I have found this type of journaling is the best option for me even though I would have loved to have said particular things to this person.  I have found that not allowing myself to be drawn into other peoples dramas and bulls__t and simply journaling my thoughts and feelings allows me to totally release them and move on from the situation in a much more effective way.....  Everything always happens for a reason and the truth always will set us free which is exactly what happened in relation to this particular situation.

So last week being more at peace with all that is going on in the world around me, I simply started to doodle and draw and let my art just flow.  I then found the perfect quote to go with it to.

Just Be Yourself and don't worry about what other people think.  I am learning this is always the best option and is very empowering too!

I am now nearly all caught up so I will be hopefully be back soon with some more.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Julie Short said...

These are interesting Danie! The journal page with the feather sings!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Lovely! I especially like the page with the Emily Dickinson lines. Your work is just delightful!

Lynn McAuley said...

What amazing pages, Danie! Such remarkable work! My favorite is the first one! It's beauty takes my breath away!!

Lizzyc said...

These are gorgeous Danie, I love each one.. and I do like the idea of just being ourselves and creating as we feel.. I need to remind myself there are NO rules... Enjoy the rest of the week!

Nancy said...

These pages are gorgeous!