Escaping to the Beach on a Relaxing Sunday.

This past weekend had a relaxed feel about it, we all took some time for rest and rejuvenation following a whirlwind of a January.  My dad had been rushed into hospital for emergency surgery so it was a bit stressful for a few days mid month with all this taking place unexpectedly.  The following two weekends saw us with some of our regular kids having respite care with us, so it was a hive of activity, going to the movies, board games, bush walks and a little crafting too.

Sunday was all about enjoying the day, from the smell of mowed grass, to the clouds passing overhead and the birds happily bathing.  I was so relaxed it had me dreaming of the beach on one of our favorite holiday destinations Boambee on the Coffs Coast.  We didn't make it there in person but I did escape there with my Pan Pastels for a wee few hours.

A bit of a close up of one part of the beach.

On Boambee Creek you'll find the Boambee Nature Reserve, a very tranquil spot with calm water, lots of sheltered picnic areas, a cafe and great playground, all of which is just perfect for kids and adults alike.  It's just a short stroll around the headland to the surf.

You can take a kayak out on the water or play in the sand, and it was between these two sand dunes in my artwork above that we spent many a hour building sandcastles on our last visit there.


Nancy said...

This is just gorgeous! I hope your dad is recovering well.

Mary Ann Potter said...

So pretty! I love the beach as well - my idea of a perfect spot for photography and art inspiration.

Adding my prayer for your dad's recovery.

Becky said...

I love your sand castles! I do hope your father is recovering well.