Journal 52 - Pathways

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the start of 2015.  For me I have been doing a little bit of reflection and spiritual cleansing.  I am feeling good about what 2015 holds for us all.

Supplies Used:  Prima A4 Watercolor Pad by Jamie Dougherty, Faber Castell Gelato - Snow Cone, Pan Pastels Phthalo Green, Magenta and Light Gold, Ranger Black Archival Ink, Posca Paint Pen Black, Rubber Dance Stamps Body and Lock Images from Collage Elements 1 Set and Sentiment from Think Again Set , Stencil Girl Stencils - Union and Twist Lattice, Memento Marker - Love Letter, White Gesso. 

Do you choose a word to empower you or guide you through the year?
Being creative, either on a subconscious if it isn't a conscious level we are often in touch with our spiritual self or inner-self  and what I find is a lot of us tend to select a word or mantra to live by for the coming year. If you do this I'd love to hear what word/phrase you have chosen for yourself..........mine is TRUST.

The word Trust came to me about the same time I felt a positive change within myself a few weeks back and since then there has been so many signs that I am on the right path in life and closer to achieving my dreams then I truly had known, yes there are still some difficulties I am dealing with but in other aspects I am feeling the best about my life than I have in ages.  It feels like I am being guided and protected and that the universe is aligning everything perfectly.  I have to Trust that everything will fall into place.  I have always been a believer everything happens for a reason.

So anyhow when I saw the first prompt of the year for Journal 52 - Pathways, all these things were going through my head.  I had been sent some new stamps from Rubber Dance Stamp Co.....two I felt were perfect for what I was visualizing and I had three colors of Pan Pastels sitting together that were speaking to me.  The color of the Heart Chakra is Green and Gold is the color of my Aura or so I was recently told.

So that's what I am hoping to do coming into 2015 - Follow my Heart!  Will you be following yours?


Sharon said...

Danie this is fabulous - love the background! And great images - love the quote. Happy New Year & all my best wishes for 2015!

Pearl Maple said...

Nice work with the colouring Danie, and that is such a great quote to kick off 2015

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Lizzyc said...

Very creative pages, thought provoking too.. and I dont have a word just yet.. but I am thinking about it..

Becky said...

Very creative Danie. Great quote.

Kate Robertson said...


Beautiful page and quote. Trust is a great word to travel the year with. I chose Celebrate this year. Thanks for linking over on my site. Have a artful day.


Beverley Baird said...

I love your journal page - the colours and quote are wonderful!
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Happy New Year!

Bibi at Rubber Dance said...

Love it, Danie! Thank you for choosing to use some of my stamps for this one - they sure fit the theme and your word for 2015 really well! I'm getting better at following my heart and it is a matter of trust, isn't it? Trusting that we always know, somewhere deep within, what's right for us.
I had picked "Focus" for my 2015 word, but it didn't give me that good gut feeling nor inspiration I want my word to give me. I do need to focus more, but I think my word should give me a boost, and focus simply does not. So ... I'll try to be quiet and listen to what my inner voice says. She's much smarter than me! ;-)
I wish you a very Happy New Year. May everything keep falling into place for you and all your dreams come true! xox

Lou Sims said...

This is stunning and your creative explanation enlightening. I'm not sure if I could choose just one word to catalogue my year but after reading your post, think I need to. Thank you for sharing, Lou x

Lynn McAuley said...

So much depth of meaning in this beautiful piece, Danie! I know your trust will lead you boldly forward on your life journey.

Clare Lloyd said...

Good luck with the project this year. Thanks for smiling along with me.

MiamiKel said...

Beautiful Journal, Danie! And I hope your holidays were wonderful and the new year is off to a good start for you :) Happy year ahead!