Let's Create a RACK_ET!

In recent weeks I have been saddened by so many horrible events taking place globally and being shown on the news that I have kind of lost my Christmas Spirit. These include the Sydney Siege, The Pakistan School Shootings and the New York Execution of Two Police Men. There are so many more personal tragedies we don't hear about and other circumstances that mean not everyone will be having a FESTIVE end to 2014.

The true spirit of Christmas seems to have also been lost to the demands of being politically correct with the debate over Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays and the expectation of presents and lots of food to eat. 

I was touched also by the recent honesty of a crafty acquaintance who said she was signing off of Facebook for a while as she just wasn't in the mood to be Merry this year.  I wanted some way to let her know that I am thinking of her so have put together an arty bundle to send to her to help kick start her new year in a bright way.  And then I thought of everyone across the globe who would be feeling similar.

What we often forget and what I want everyone to spare a thought to as the year draws to a close is that there are many of us who for one reason or another are unable to spend Christmas with their loved ones, they may be dealing with tough times in their lives and so will not be celebrating or having a Merry Christmas this Year.  Perhaps that person is someone you know or it could be a complete stranger.

As always the best way to spread awareness is to create a RACKET about the topic and hence came the idea of my spreading some love and promoting Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.

Will you join me in Creating a #RACK_ET and putting right the Christmas Spirit across the globe!

Act of Giving, the g
iving your Time and Kindness ……via Random Acts of Christmas Kindness is the perfect way to share let the Christmas Spirit Shine.

Simply getting in touch and asking R U Okay? can brighten a person’s day, or why not extend an invitation to your Christmas Dinner if you know someone is going to spend the day alone or perhaps if you know a person has a good reason to wanting to be alone, simply take a plate of dinner to them to at least let them know you are thinking of them. Do some extra baking of Christmas Goodies and leave on a door step. For strangers it may be that you pay for their coffee at the local Coffee Shop, pay for their groceries or even adding a toy under the tree for those charities already collecting with the needy in mind. De-cluttering your home and taking the unwanted items to your local thrift store can be an act of kindness for another. There are plenty of ways to show kindness that are within your budget and means. Simply reach out and let someone who needs to hear it know you care!

I invite you to share ideas or what you have done, even photos of you in the ACT!

Let’s spread a little love this Christmas because it not only will brighten the day of those on the receiving end but it will make you feel good too!

Copy this badge and link to your blog, facebook or other social media account!

Create a ‪#‎RACK_ET‬ and share our random acts of kindness with each other and share a little Christmas Spirit and love via the Act of Giving!

Please share this page and your RAK this Christmas with your friends!

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Tammy said...

Wonderful idea Danie, I hope it spreads like wildfire!