Creating with Mum - More Gelli Print Fun

For those of you who don't know my Mother who lives with us has Mid Stage Alzheimer's.  Once a week on a Tuesday she attends what is called the Platypus Club.  It is a weekly group get together run by a wonderful group of volunteers and supported by Legacy for Seniors in the community. Tomorrow is their Christmas Breakup and each attendee is asked to bring along something to decorate their tables.

So today I broke out the Red and Green and got creating with her table decorations in mind, firstly I die cut and put together some Red and Green Treat Boxes that dad is going to fill with Chocolates for each person sitting at mum's table.   The treat boxes are yet to be finished.  Once filled with chocolates they will be tied at the top with some decorative string and tags.

Next using a Gelli Print I ran off a heap of copies on specialty laser printer paper and cut them into strips to make some paper chains.

Making paper chains was something I knew Mum could help me make and would occupy her time for a few hours (as her Alzheimer's gets worse she is capable of doing less and less of what normally would have filled her day, but sufferers still need to feel useful, so finding activities to occupy her time is important). As I cut each print into strips, mum folded them in half for the perfect size chain and so the printed design could be seen on the inside and outside of link.  Then once all the pieces were cut and folded she created the loops, adding them to the chain and would pass them to me to staple while I passed her the other end.

I know she will proudly tell the other ladies at her table that she made them and thought it would be something a little different to tinsel.

To finish the Christmas Treat Boxes I am going to use my Christmas Tree Carved Stamp from yesterdays post and punch out some circles as tags and I might also add some to my paper chain to give them even more of a Christmas feel.

I am linking up with the Party again today!


TangledBlueRose said...

Yay! More Gelli fun! Love this chain, so much fun making these!~kim

Barbara Rankin said...

What a terrific idea to help your Mum stay active and feel useful, while at the same time making something so festive fro Christmas. Fabulous idea!

Michele said...

you are a precious beautiful daughter and a true blessing to your mom and to all the friends at the club. this is a lovely project and even lovelier story. happy 12 days of christmas at UPA! xo

Lizzyc said...

That would have been wonderful to be creating together and I hope your Mum has a wonderful day!

Carol S said...

Spotted these at Unruly PaperArts.
Such a great way to get Mom involved making the project even sweeter than the chocolates!
Hoping Mom has a great time!