Envelope Pocket Book Project

Hi Everyone!  Over at The Studio - A Thriving Artist Community (Facebook Group) April is hosting a Pen Pal Project where each participant is to make a Envelope Pocket Book to send to their Pen Pal.

As I had never made one before I thought I would make one to get the hang of it and test out a few things so when it comes to making the one to post I would have it all under control.

I have shared some of the steps I took to make these cute books below and I must say I really love them and can see I'll be making a few of them in the coming weeks.

First Step was to get some color onto the envelopes. The Envelopes I used were DL Size (approx 22 x 11cm).

Dylusions Spray Ink, Gesso, Chunky Chevron and Wedding Ring Stencils from the Crafters Workshop along with a Polka Dot Background Stamp from Darkroom Door.

The backside I used Spray Inks, Stencils, Stamps and some Washi Tape

I decided to add some color to the inside of the pockets.  Here I used some remaining centres from my envelope and punched out some photo corners.  Later I also added further color to the inside using some Distress Stains.

Using my paper towel that I sop up my excess Spray Inks and Paints with I covered two pieces of cardboard for my covers.  This gives a wonderful textured fabric look an feel to the covers.

Once my covers were dry I then stuck my covers onto my pockets, remembering to include a tie so my book could be kept closed.  

For my front cover I used one of my new Frameworks Dies and cut out a piece from one of my left over envelope centres.  I mounted this onto a piece of cardstock also cut with the die and then stock this to the front cover.

Here's my finished book, with some further embellishment.  The idea for the Pen Pal Project is that you can add some messages, ATC's, tags etc to the pockets for your Pen Pal.  A lovely gift which costs very little to make.


diane hasthorpe said...

Love this idea... one I'll be investigating for sure. Gorgeous colours and textures. It certainly will make a beautiful gift.

Sharon said...

Wow - amazing!!!

Robin Horasanian said...

You made a wonderfully colorful book! Thanks for sharing.

April Cole said...

** I've got goose bumps! **
BEAUTIFUL... love all the colors, patterns, and adorable/creative embellishments.
"YIPPEE!!" what fun, right?!
I am so thrilled you were inspired to play with the project. :]

Barbara Rankin said...

This is lovely, and the colors you used are just gorgeous. Love this project.

Becky said...

What a great idea!! Gorgeous colors.

Lynn McAuley said...

What an amazing creation, Danie!! So beautiful!! And what fun to stuff the pockets with surprises of all nature!

Tammy said...

Wow, breathtaking creation and fabulous colors! What a wonderful gift!

Jean M said...

Everything about this is fabulous! The color the pockets, all the embellishing. I LOVE IT!

nightingalehoop said...

Wow,that's a fantastic idea haha,!!!

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