WOYWW #232

Hi fellow deskers and crafty friends, it's Wednesday and I have finally made it onto my blog to link up with WOYWW after missing the last few weeks.

Christmas Card Making has been on my agenda the last few weeks when I have had a spare moment or two.  They have been somewhat limited however so my desk still resembles my picture I shared on Sunday.

We've had a crazy start to this week here.  The pleasant highlights of last week were that on Thursday I caught up for coffee with one of my crafting friends who I hadn't seen in a while and I spent a relaxing Saturday with the boys at the movies, doing a bit of shopping and having lunch out.

So the crazy started on Sunday when we had a hail storm that made our hot spring day look more like winter.  It was welcome however as it was the first rain we have had in months and our new water tank was needing to be filled.

As the hail started to fall

After the Storm had passed

A blanket of hail a couple of inches deep in parts

Monday I took my dad in for a routine day surgery procedure but that night he was in terrible pain so we drove him back to the Emergency Department (as instructed by his surgeon) and early Tuesday morning x-rays revealed he had a large amount of air trapped in his abdomen (a much better prognosis than the thought of him having a hole in his bowel as first suggested).  So they had to take him back into theater to suck out all the air, he's home again now and doing much better.

Anyhow in between all the visits to the hospital, I realized that I hadn't made an anniversary card to give hubby, so with the Donna Downey Poppy Stamps which were on my desk as I had just purchased them from Unity Stamp Co, I quickly put together the card below.  It was sort of fitting to as it was Remembrance Day.

Our 19th Wedding Anniversary was yesterday (Tuesday) and given that we both only had about 2 hrs sleep because of our early morning run to the emergency department with Dad and having to be up for work etc we had a very early night and our dinner plans were postponed......I did however on Saturday get to choose my present which is two prints of peacocks (one male and one female) which I will post a pic of once they are hanging on our lounge room wall.

Today I am in recovery mode so my taking it easy has allowed me the time to post here and I am looking forward to catching up with all the desks and goings on of my fellow deskers who I have missed visiting over the past few weeks.  So before this turns into a long post, I will end by wishing you all a happy WOYWW and wonderful week ahead.

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jill said...

How brave you are putting your foot in the hail stones , but have to admits it makes for a fab photo.
happy woyww Jill #28

The Taming of the Glue said...

Hope your dad was OK. Love the anniversary card. Hugs. Pam#32

Lizzyc said...

That is a LOT of hail, we had a storm here today with hail but not as much as that.. love your card.. and you certainly have had a busy week with ups and downs!! I hope you get to catch your breath!

Neil said...

Hi there. Just popping my head round the door to say hi.
Thanks for the peek into your creative world today. Great pic of the hail but bet you were cold after that!
Hope you have a good week too.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow, you've been having a dramatic time! That hail looked phenomenal and on what looked set to be a spring day too! The prints of peacocks sound lovely! Good luck with the Christmas cards! So far I have the grand total of 2 made!!!

Julie Ann Lee said...

sorry forgot my number #33! Julie Ann xxx

House of Bears said...

The hail looks like polystyrene pieces! Hope your dad continues to recover and you get your belated anniversary meal, your card is beautiful.

The bears @#74

Shaz Brooks said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, and I do hope your Dad is recovering well now. Those hailstones are amazing. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21 xx

Tammy said...

Crazy how much hail you received, can't image putting my barefoot in it! Glad your father is recovering, any surgery is scary! Congratulations on your anniversary, your card is beautiful!

Jackie said...

Great pictures of the hail .... Brave putting your foot in or was it someone else's? Hope you dads ok

Anonymous said...

LOVE that card and oh the HAIL! we had one of them when we still lived back in the States and it was so weird - it was warm, it had been sunny and they BAM - like rocks falling from the sky. The noise was unreal.

Here's hoping your dad gets better quickly

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (20)

Winnie said...

Glad to hear your dad is better and that it wasn't something worse. Scary! Your card for your hubby is lovely and love the use of the poppies! Congrats!! Winnie#69

Lacey Lynne said...

Lovely space!
The Craft Donkey

Carole said...

shiver me timbers...bare footin' in a blanket of hail...that could cause some serious damage. Christmas cards look fab. Happy Snooping Carole # 97

Hammers said...

BARE FOOT IN THE HAIL!! Ha ha Love it, you are a woman after my own heart..Happy Anniversary, peacock paintings sound nice. Hope your Dad is recovering ok. Cx #29

Nan G said...

Brave is right, sticking a bare foot in that pile of hail! It is a cool pic too. Lovely card, happy belated anniversary to you and hubby. Hope your Dad is improving daily. Sit back and enjoy your desk snooping. :) WOYWW hugs! Nan G #24

Eliza said...

That is one really big downfall of hail and yes in spring. So pleased to hear your dad is doing much better, it is horrible when they are in pain and suffering and you can't do anything to help except be there. All is good now, give him a peck on the cheek from me for being brave. Love that Anniversary card too.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
Eliza & Yoda 2

Daniella said...

I wrote your anniversary in my date book so I would remember to say Happy anniversary!! *then i forgot*
Beautiful card!
So sorry your father had a hard time! He is lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!!

glitterandglue said...

Goodness - what a week you have had. Trust your dad is still doing much better after his mad dash to hospital. Thanks for visiting - sorry it is taking me so long to get round this week!!
Margaret #42

voodoo vixen said...

Yikes... talk about late at desk snooping, my apologies for not popping by sooner, but DH was off for a long weekend and I am getting the desk cleared before visitors arrive later this week! Annette

BJ said...

Love the Christmas cards and especially the poppy card and gosh what a lot of hail! - thanks for visiting me BJ#64