Allow yourself to be Perfectly Imperfect!

Hi Everyone and Happy Saturday!  I've had the opportunity to catch up with one of my old crafty friends and mentors twice in the past few weeks after a long time not seeing her and I was amazed at how easily and comfortable it was back in her company.  Our chatting covered a number of different topics but one of them is my inspiration for my post today.

Apart from a chance to play with my new stencils and Distress Stain Colors, the work that I am sharing today is a bit of a reminder to myself that I am perfectly imperfect and to simply be myself is to be smart, strong and brave!

I believe as a society we put too many expectations on ourselves as to how things should be which only confuses, stresses and depresses us.  There is no right or wrong in a lot of what we do, it is only the perceptions of what is 'supposedly normal' by others which makes us feel that there is, so we often feel that we are being judged by others or that we are not normal.  

The truth is that there is no length to how long we should grieve for a loved one, time or age to be married, weight or shape to aspire too - being happy and healthy within ourselves is all that matters.  I think as we get older we start to realize this more and more and it is not until then that we truly are comfortable in our own skin.

The same can be said about our art.

My artistic journey has taken me to a lot of different places over the past few years some for wanting to conform to the norm, whilst others was to simply explore what was out there and whether the fit was right. Today I find it a little easier to describe my style and as I said to my friend - I have finally realized that I am messy in my art, and it's only now that I am truly embracing it.

Its the getting messy that I am good at, its the playing in and with color that makes me the happiest and that is really all that matters.  The end result doesn't have to please anyone apart from myself and if I don't always love it so be it.

So today I ask you to let yourself be perfectly imperfect and see how much better your day can be and leave you with one of my favorite quotes which kinda fits the theme of my post today also.

Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your inner voice! - Steve Jobs


Julie Ann Lee said...

Such wisdom and joy on this post! How right you are, Danie May, about being 'perfectly imperfect'! This post meant a great deal to me today! I love the bold beauty of your artwork too! Julie Ann xx

Lizzyc said...

Love your words.. the way the world, perhaps the media try and transform people into clones of others especially in the shapes of ones body really has a lot to answer for. One needs to have a strong stand to be who they want to be.. and also in the world of scrapbooking, we are all so different and some create in a way that another person just cannot, that does not mean that eithers work is better.. Love your canvas, my first thought was it was Elizabeth Taylor.. really beautiful lady.. and I am perfectly imperfect too!!

Julie Short said...

Shouting, cheering and yahooing loudly Danie!
We are indeed ENOUGH!
Perception is in the eye of the beholder ... now I look and see that you have had a lovely time. I hopw each time you look at this beautiful girl she does indeed remind you to ---BE!
Not sure about that old mentor though :)

Julie Short said...

Hopw is a new dance!