A Herd of ATC's

Over the weekend just gone ATC's for All hosted an Official Elephant Art-Athon, where you make and trade ATC's, Chunkie Pages, etc of any medium but it has to include follow the Athon Theme.  ie this time an elephant has to be part of that creation.  As I love elephants and collect all sorts of them, I couldn't resist making a couple of ATC's to trade so that I could expand my personal Elephant ATC Collection.

Raja Ride

At The Big Top

African Sunset

My favorite card here would be African Sunset.  This is using a piece of a water wash background I had left over from some card making (see here).  I then simply added some cardboard cut into my desired shapes to form the landscape along with my Elephant.  This one was the first of the three to be traded.

Since joining ATC's For All I have started 3 main ATC Collections which I try and trade my cards for, Elephants, Cats and Buddahs/Lotus Flowers this is over and above participating in the various themed swaps.  So far I have 9 Elephant Cards,  6 Cats and 2 Buddahs and Lotus Flowers. 

I really love spending time creating these tiny pieces of artwork when I want some creative time out just for me!


Lizzyc said...

Hi... These look lovely! I love elephants too!!

Julie Short said...

These are great Danie. As you say each is a lovely mini piece of art.

Lynn McAuley said...

Sensational ATCs with these awesome elephants, Danie!!