First there was a Cat in a Hat, now it's ????

Move over Cat in a Hat, there's is a new cat in Town.  Cat in a Scrap Bag. 

I just had to share with you photos I took yesterday of my cat Jester who decided that my Scrap Bag still with stuff in it was a better place to sleep for the day then a box.

Jester doesn't look impressed as I tell him he shouldn't be in there.
Once I stopped rousing on him, Jester settles in for the day. 

He often joins me for the day in my Scrap Room and usually climbs into the box we put our paper to be shredded in or just finds a spot on the floor or my lap.  But not today my scrap bag with punches, a jar of ribbon and a Stampin' Wheel, was obviously just the right comfort factor he was looking for.


Kelly Spivey said...

Danie...this is so hysterical! I love it!! Cats are the coolest...and that look he is giving you is proof of that! =)

Julie said...

What a great use for your scrap bag. Is it now Jester's?

Tammy said...

Too cute Danie! Love that he wants to be with you.