Happy St Patrick's Day

Although it is not widely celebrated in Australia (it is becoming more popular) St Patrick's Day is one day in the year I like to reflect on my Irish Heritage. My father is a Patrick and rather than drinking green beer or eating green potato based foods, I will be thinking of the ardoous journey my great grand father took (the only one in his family who migrated) to follow his dream and forge a life for himself in the little known colony of Australia.

Unlike some of my cousins I have not been fortunate enough to go to Kilrush, County Clare to visit the original Keating homestead which is still in our family to this day. I do however have a recent photo of the homestead, and a copy of our family tree outlining some of my Great Grandfathers life and tracing all my Australian/Irish relatives of whom their are many. My dad for instance is the youngest of 11.

Thinking about family, also leads me to think about friends, such as you. So today I would like you all to have this Irish Blessing, which was one I had on the Easel Card I shared with you yesterday for the Party Time Tuesdays Challenge.

"For each petal on the shamrock, This brings a wish your way -
Good Health, Good Luck and Happiness
For Today and Every Day"


Tammy said...

Thank you and the same right back at you!

Julie said...

Thank you Miss Danielle. Enjoy your sorting and cleaning?? See you soon.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I'm Irish too!Only, when my family's only posession, a goat, died...they decided to go to America to try to start a new life!

Lynn McAuley said...

Thanks for this sweet Irish blessing! Blessing to you and your family, Danielle!