You've gotta love an Adventure!

Who doesn't love adventure?  It is often something we look forward to, with excited anticipation not knowing what the journey will bring our way.

Today I am sharing two scrap layouts of personal Adventures.   The first is of Rod and I on Holiday in Tasmania.  We shared this holiday with my best friend and her husband.  It was our first trip away with one another as well as our first time to Tasmania.

Here we are exploring the Cape Tourville Lighthouse, which is on the Freycinet Peninsula on the East Coast, which is home to the more famously known Wineglass Bay.

For this layout I used one main photo of Rod and I in the centre and sort of combined a collage of a couple of other photos around it.

The second layout is of a more recent adventure I took with four of my friends to have dessert for lunch.
We travelled over 400km in one day just to taste the Delicious Berry Delights at the Bramble Patch.  Whilst there I also did some Christmas Shopping buying up lots of their products, particulalry their Chilli products for my hot head husband.....who will highly recommend the Habernero Chilli and Mango Sauce to you all.  Particulalry with Ice-cream.

I just had to capture the essence of our day, which was all about friendship, adventure and of course the fabulous dessert lunch we all enjoyed.


Lone Pine Designs said...

These both look like fun adventures...great layouts too!

Julie said...

These are terrific layouts Danielle. I like your collage style in the Tassie adventure!

Becky said...

Wonderful pages, and great photos. I am hungry now :).

Tammy said...

Wonderful adventures, love the dessert for lunch idea.

Molly said...

beautiful layouts for great adventures!