No Christmas Cards Today

Yesterday I said I was going to be in Christmas Card Mode today, however I came home yesterday afternoon to the sad news that my Aunt Mary who resides in Wisconsin had passed away from a brief battle with Cancer.  My father is the youngest of eleven children, and is close to all of his brothers and sisters.  He and my mother had the opportunity to visit Mary and her family a number of times and they kept in touch on a regular basis.

My fondest memory of my Aunt Mary and her husband Harold, (who died some time ago) was always the beautiful Christmas Cards I recieved from them as a Child.  I so looked forward to receving them as they were always beautiful, usually glittered and so so different to what we saw here in Australia at the time.  Perhaps this is why I now enjoy card making.

My aunt is survived by her four sons, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.  The card I am sharing with you today I will be sending to them, to let them know they are in our thoughts during this difficult time. 

The second card I am sharing is one I have made for my husband to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary, which is tommorrow.  Hard to believe we have been married for sixteen years.  Until yesterday and a phone call from my father, my husband and I had both forgotten, as this week our minds have been on other things and tommorrow our main concern is getting the Solar Power Panels installed on our roof as this didn't happen last week due to the weather.

Tommorrow is another day, as they say and hopefully I will get a wiggle on and get stuck into making the Christmas Cards.


Becky said...

Beautiful cards, love the colors.

Julie said...

Oh Danielle I am so sad for your family. Please give my condolences to your Dad.
Happy anniversary for tomorrow. My fingers are crossed re the weather. I am sure it will all be good!
Hugs to you

Tammy said...

Lovely card for sad occasion, you have my condolences.

Hubby is going to like his card.

Lone Pine Designs said...

Both cards are lovely and will both be appreciated!

Dawn Mercedes said... that card!!

Lynn McAuley said...

I am so sorry that you have lost your beloved aunt! The card you have made for her family is so beautiful. I know it will touch their hearts!

Congratulations on your anniversary!! Great card for your husband!

Jenn said...

So sorry for your loss Danie! Your cards are beautiful! And congrats on you anniversary!


Karen said...

Sorry for the loss of your Aunt Danie. It sounds like you have wonderful memories of her and that is what will help you get through these days. Your card is very serene and will help the family

Happy Anniversary and good luck with the solar panels.

Paige said...

So sorry for your loss. The cards you made are wonderful!