Tangled Up in Creativity Challenge

With American Independence Day just around the corner, Paige the host of this challenge has set a timely colour challenge of Red, White & Blue.

The Step Card I have made for this challenge is a tribute to all my new found American Friends who are part of the Tangled Up in Creativity Blog Group.  I think I went a bit over board with the glitter, and as usual I wasn't patient enough to let the glitter glue dry before touching it, hence it got a little messy.

Don't forget you too can be part of this challenge and join in the fun.  Simply post to your blog a picture of your project and use the Mr Linky link found on Paige's blog, (you can get all the details about the challenge here as well), which is at the bottom of her post about this challenge.

There are a lot of things we Aussies have in common with America and sharing the same colours in our flags is just one of them. Both Flags also contain stars.

On the American Flag there is Fifty Stars which represent the Fifty States of the USA.

There are six stars on the Australian Flag, the Larger seven pointed Star on the bottom left hand side known as the Commonwealth Star (or Federation Star) originally only had six points representing the federated colonies however it was changed in 1908 to have seven points to symbolise the Territory of Papua and any future territories. It is now described as representing the Six States of Australia and its Territories.

The remaining five stars depict the most distintively visible constellation of the Southern Hemisphere the Southern Cross. Since early british settlement this image has been used to represent Australia.

Enough already with the history lesson, thanks Paige for a great Challenge, and I hope everyone enjoys the fun.



Lone Pine Designs said...

What a fun card...love all the glitter!

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh wow...that is amazing!

Goldy said...

Great card...very patriotic.:)

Martha said...

how fun, I need to do that challenge.

Lynn McAuley said...

Love this fun side-step card, Danielle!! Thanks for helping us celebrate!!! What a sensational rocket!!!

Becky said...

What a fun step card, terrific job on this challenge.

Tammy said...

Love the razzle-dazzle of this card and I enjoyed learning about Australia.

Maria Matter said...

wow, Danielle, this is fabulous!! a wonderful celebratory card!!!

Jenn said...

Great card Danie! Good luck!