A Historical Day! My thoughts! - Nothing about Cards!

Yesterday I shared a little bit of history about Australia when I was comparing our flag to the USA.  Funnily enough today has made Australian History.

This morning our current Prime Minister has stepped aside in a Leadership Challenge, and no this isn't unusal, however he is the first PM to be overthrown so to speak in his first term, whilst their political party had the majority vote to be in power.

But even more historical than this is that he has been defeated by his Deputy PM Julia Gillard, she has become the first female Prime Minster of Australia.   A very historic moment indeed.

My mother has always told me you don't talk politics, and I am not a close follower of politics but I must say of late, I can't see how anyone can have faith in any policital party. 

The current opposition seems to have no policies, but they are very good at name calling, making policital gaffs and creating smear campaigns.  The Labour Party who have just overthrown their current leader (only adding more confusion for the Australian voting public), had some good policies for change in place, but in todays policital environment, were unable to overcome the opposition from those opposing; most of whom were opposing just for the sake of opposing, or who were only protecting their own interests.  At times it seems that unions and corporations have more say on how to run the country than the people do.

No change is ever tried or tested or fail proof, nor can we expect change to happen overnight.  The labour party regained power (after a long absence in the top job) during one of the worst global financial crisises, and when the health system, work choices and education system were in desperate need of an overhaul.  Add to this issues such as Global Warming, War in Afghanastan and I ask you, did we really expect the new government to have changed all this for the better in less than one full term.  Are we really that impatient?  When the going gets tuff, do we now run scared, look for a scapegoat and get rid of them?

Of late it seems there is no united front, working on behalf of the people, for the people, everyone is out for themselves.  This really is no way to lead a country or implement change.  Change that is so needed.  I wish our new female Prime Minister all the best, but I expect she will only eventually follow in the same footsteps of her predecesors.  As they say History Repeats itself!


Lynn McAuley said...

I feel your pain, Danie! The more things change, the more they stay the same! Politics is a frustrating business!!

Karen said...

I absolutely agree with you Danie. I believe that any party in power will follow in the footsteps of the last party. I think they have good intentions but it is the power, the greed and the fact that the opposition believes that they can to it better...but can they. I will get off my soap box now. Have a great day