A Ribbon Storage Solution!

This is a picture of a two tier Ribbon Holder that my father made.  If you are anything like me, where to store your ribbons can cause headaches.  I had mine in a shoe box, but that didn't allow easy access plus I forgot what I had.

So you can see why I love this. It is only approx 30cm long and has a depth of 16.5cm, so it doesn't take up to much bench space and given it has two tiers all my Stampin' Up Ribbons fit easily on to it.  In fact depending on the width of what ribbons you have it will easily hold 12 or more ribbons per rail, so that's at least 24 ribbons.

The other thing I really love about it is the support rails at the front to keep the ends accessible.  They have a very sturdy handle across the top and are made from recycled timber and dowel with rounded. 

Anyway if anyone is interested in getting one of these to solve their ribbon dilema's please drop me a line, as my father is happy to make more.

The cost is $30 which is quite reasonable for solid timber.  They can be painted white, or stained with a light or dark varnish to suit your requirements.  Postage will differ depending on your location, but feel free to send me your postcode for verification of the costing.  As an example Sydney would be about $13.50, Melbourne would be approx $17.50.  Local pick up is also available from myself in Casino.

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